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Fortune & Romance SHORT - "Flesh"


There were some “things” that Servo had never seen in real life (unless you counted the accidental glimpses he’d gotten of Mr. Big in all his shiny overwaxed glory, but he'd done his best to block those out.)


And he’d certainly never seen that much hair on a human body. It was practically fur.


“Are you all right, Mr. Lothario?” he called down.

“I’m good! Fantastic actually. How are you?”


The hair gave him a less "plastic" appearance than Ocean, helped by him being a natural shade of brown rather than orange. He wasn't as beautifully formed as Nina, but there was a similar sculptedness to his flesh. And any flesh was a curiosity to someone who had none.

“I-I…” It was hard to talk and gawk at the same time.


“Guess I could stand to put my arms down, if it’s not too much trouble..”

“Oh! Right away, sir!”



“Thanks, man.” He made no attempt to cover himself once his hands were free; tousling his hair was a bigger priority. "Hey that bat trick is pretty cool. So is that like a robot bat?"

"It's real." Why did he sound shaky and breathless when he had no breath and no biological reason for his solid body to shake? What was the point of such artificial human failings?

"Huh." He held back from prying into the implications. "I like the bat bling. Seems like it might hinder your flight pattern though."

"You get used to it," Servo said into his hand. It was a good observation, neither the Ks or any book had been able to explain the purpose of the large diamond necklace which appeared around the necks of vampire bats. Something worthy of discussion, but not now. Not with him.

He broke the awkward silence with a cough and another hair tousle. “Uh, so my clothes got ripped." He grinned. "Off. The Lady said I could borrow some.”


“This way, sir!” He rushed to the other side of the room but the man followed him, every inch of him moving just as quickly back into his field of vision.


“I helped clean and organize this place during the Thanksgiving holidays, so I know what-where everything is. Will you do- I mean, will these do for you?” He wasn’t even sure what he was handing him; he’d just grabbed the first articles not made of leather, vinyl, or fishnet.


“Absolutely! Place looks great, by the way.”

“T-thank you, Mr. Lothario.”

“Mr. Lothario’s my dad. Can we just go with ‘Don’ until I get my doctorate?” He bent over to step into a pair of jeans. “And maybe drop the ‘sir’ I until I get my knighthood?”


“I'm sorry, Mr., um, Don. I'll try and remember that. Um, unless you need anything else then I should really - ” He heard the sound of a zipper. “I need to go find Nina.”

“Hey, wait!”


“Yes?” he asked weakly.

“I’m sorry I punched you.”


“I’m sorry, too.”

“What?!” He started towards him up the stairs, forgetting to put on a shirt.

“I - I’m sorry that I upset you." Servo backed away as he came closer.


Don looked him in the eye. “You don’t gotta apologize to me for anything; I was completely out of line. A total asshole. No excuses.” He dropped his voice to a mutter, speaking through his teeth. “It’s just that I can’t help but feel a little protective of Nina, you know?”


“I think Nina can protect herself." The image of Nina taking him out with one punch was surely running through both their minds.

"Yeah, I guess."

"But you don’t have to worry about me, Mr. Don. I know how lucky I am to be with her; it’s the only good fortune I’ve ever experienced in my living memory. I would never hurt her.” He turned away to leave, steeling himself to add something else. “And I can’t imagine the kind of monster who would.”


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just wanted to give you a sign this is still happening!
Tags: !fortune & romance, shorts
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