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Maxis Match Repository Project PART 1: H&M+K&B+NL+UNI

Pretty much everything Maxis item in TS2 has been converted or separated at some point, but it bugs me that most of them are not repositoried to the EPs/SPs I have and thus wasting space. Also, a lot of the converted meshes also have different textures, when I'd prefer them in the originals. Cocomama did a big texture referencing project for a bunch of files, but I've always wanted it for a lot of other things. So... here goes! If you replace any of the original conversions with these, you will reduce the space they take up by 50%-90%.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you put these in your download folder, the delete button will be enabled in bodyshop/CAS. When I have tested this myself it only deleted my packages and not the game's core files, but you probably shouldn't do that just be safe. To make sure you don't accidentally delete them, save them to: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins or C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Highest Expansion Pack You Have\TSData\Res\Catalog\Skins. I have my game protected using Miros's method and you should too!


  • The EP/SPs for which they're labelled are required unless otherwise noted.

  • Default texture replacements for the original Maxis outfits, like this, will work just fine, and your new clothes will take on the new texture. They also work fine with hiders.

  • Default mesh replacements will conflict unless the default maker used the 3D Referencing method. If you have all the Maxis outfits replaced with completely different ones, this set probably won't be of much use to you.

  • The separate tops will probably still work with similar mesh replacements (like a shoeswap) where the top keeps the same shape.

  • All clothes are pinned to the EP/SPs, meaning they'll show up with those clothes and icons in the catalog.

  • All meshes are included, so I've only included content from creators who allow mesh sharing.

  • All clothes are townified (except special costumes) meaning they'll show up on townies, sims will age into them, and they'll pop up automatically in CAS/bodyshop.

  • All colors for each outfit are bundled together, meaning if you delete one, you delete them all.


  • PriceBlazerLucas for CU/TM/EM by Dustfinger, Enjin, and me

  • EthnicBlouseCapris for EF by Dustfinger

  • CottonPeacoat for EM by Dustfinger

  • JosieTopJeans for EF by Dustfinger

  • All H&M AF dresses for TF by Dustfinger (the Graphic dress didn't fit into my pretty square there, but is included)


The Jennifer dress was the only one I didn't have, so I converted it to complete the set! (I axed that stupid bangle though)




  • JosieSweater top for AF by Lvstndhrt, mesh edited by me to allow texture repository

  • ChiqJeans and StarJeans for TF/EF by Dustfinger (everyday, active, outerwear)

  • SandraJacket top for AF/TF by Bunhead and Trapping (everyday, outerwear, active)

  • BerlinTankTop for AF by Amaryll and since I wanted it for TF, I converted that too (everyday, swim, undies, pjs, active)

  • UniformShirt with Tie top for AM by Dustfinger, mesh edited by me to allow repository (everyday, formal)

  • LucaShirt for AM by Dustfinger, mesh edited by me (everyday, formal)

  • PoloShirts for TM-EM by Dustfinger, mesh edited by me (everyday)

  • StanZipHoodie top for AM by Migamoo, mesh edited by me to get rid of bottom overlap (everyday, active, outerwear)

  • SliqJeans for TM/EM by Migamoo and Dustfinger (everyday, active, outerwear)

  • UniformShirt for AM by Dustfinger, mesh edited by me (everyday, formal)

  • ForgeShirt top by Dustfinger, mesh edited by me (everyday, formal, PJs)

  • MadrasShirt for AM by Dustfinger, mesh edited by me (everyday)

EDIT 8/11/2016: Male separates have been revamped with pregnant morphs and elder/teen conversions. I've removed them from this download as you can now find better ones here.


If you don't have H&M (or have the original outfits defaulted away) and would like the tanktop and Jessica dress for TF without slaving, you can grab them here.



  • Open Bathrobe for AM by Cloudlessnights

  • Camisole for TF/EF by Migamoo and Cocomama

  • KitchenApron for EF by Dustfinger



  • NeoHippie top for AM/TM by Amaryll and Pinketamine (everyday)

  • Letterman jacket top for AM by Jaccirocker (everyday, outerwear, active)

  • Letterman jacket top for CU/AF/TF/TM by me (everyday, outerwear, active)

  • UrbanPrimitive for TF by Dustfinger



  • Greaser jackets for CU-EM by me

  • Greaser jackets for TF-EF by Trapping


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