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Basic F&R Mythology

I posted this to tumblr and thought it might be good here as well. A breakdown of the supernatural species in the F&R universe:

  • The Watcher - All powerful, works in mysterious ways, represents the player of the game

  • Demi-Watchers - Keep the universe running behind the scenes, often personified concepts, invisible to mortals most of the time, answer to the Watcher but manage themselves in their own bureaucracy.

  • Fairies/genies - “Fallen” demi-watchers bound to an earthly form, associated with animals and nature, mostly immortal but death can restore them to the above.

  • Witches/aliens/plantsims - Mortals with supernatural DNA. Genetic and not curable, though one can create the illusion of it. Passed on through offspring or full magical transfiguration. Witches can see demi-watchers.

  • Werewolves/vampires/zombies - Mortals under an enchantment. Curable and contagious (through biting), can be passed from parents to children as a ‘curse’ but not truly genetic.

  • Humans - A little insecure about their place in the universe. Followers of the Jacoban religion believe humans to be the only people with souls, and becoming a supernatural makes you lose it. Many also believe witches are humans who sold their souls (and bodies) to gain their powers.

  • Servos - Artificial people created by humans, though there’s some debate as to whether they could be magically inspired. Mortal but highly durable.

  • Ghost - The spirit of a mortal outside of a body, a state achieved by being touched by the Reaper’s scythe or eaten by a cowplant. Can choose to haunt the mortal world or “move on” to the unknown. Only ghosts who don’t move on can be resurrected. Can see demi-watchers and will retain this ability if restored to life.

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