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Guess the Face! Answers

Check out the game here if you'd like to try guessing first.

1A - Erin Singles
1B - Brandi Broke
1C - Bella Goth (Strangetown)
1D - Rainelle Neengia (dead)

1E - Jon Smith Tricou (aged down/dead)
1F - Ripp Grunt (aged up)
1G - Ajay Loner
1H - Kvornan Tricou (dead)

2A - John Burb
2B - Kiernen Tricou (dead)
2C - Don Lothario
2D - Mortimer Goth (aged down)

2E - Bella Goth (Pleasantview)
2F - Lola/Chloe Singles
2G - Jenny Smith
2H - Lucy Burb (aged up)

A - Alexander Goth (aged up)
B - Goopy Gilscarbo (townie) (These two are impossible to tell apart from the pictures. There are some tiny differences if you click between them, but even looking right at that I couldn't tell you which is which.)
C - Mary Sue Pleasant
D - Meadow Thayer (aged up, townie)

E - Circe Beaker
F - Ophelia Nigmos (aged up)
G - Cassandra Goth
H - Kaylynn Langerak (npc)

I - Titania Summerdream
J - Jennicor Tricou (aged down, couple of big clues ^_~)
K - Nina Caliente
L - Dina Caliente

Some notes:

  • A lot of these are much more distinct from their templates than I gave them credit for, particularly the face 2s. I was originally going to include Jennifer, but I went with Lucy instead because she is closer to the template.

  • Dina and Nina look more alike to me this way than they usually do.

  • I included the Tricou boys because I wanted some more templatey looking people to compare against, but even they are not straight face 1s and 2s as I originally thought, as they have larger eyes and fuller lips.

  • It seems Rainelle was the easiest to guess. I wonder why. :P

  • I was surprised that not many people were able to guess Don, I guess because facial hair makes a huge impact on a person's appearance. Also, it seems Circe is much harder to recognize without her glasses.

  • A lot of people guessed Marsha Bruenig for Ophelia and Circe, which is not far off because they are all based on the same template; the last one in the catalog. This is also the same template as the Mr. Big downtownie and John Mole.

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