skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Belated Happy Valentines Day

Hi ya! I hope you all are enjoying the cheap candy sales. Here's a belated Valentine for you all.

A sort of conversion of the Celebration "Flower Girl" dress for AF, TF, and EF. I believe in fashion design terms you would call this a ballerina length ballgown silhouette with a sabrina neckline.

The top and textures are from Amaryll's Art Nouveau dress and the shoes are Sentate's t-straps (I love those shoes. They remind me of character shoes from my drama club days. :D) Fat morphs for all and a pregnant morph for AF. Comes in the original Celebration pastels and patterns, plus a red dragonfly recolor (I also included a matching red recolor of the original CF dress) and all textures are slaved to the adult dresses. This is a big skirt so expect "pocket hands" when their arms are down.

Tags: !downloads, downloads: clothing

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