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The Many Faces of Bella Goth

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Personality: Neat - 7, Outgoing - 3, Active - 5, Playful - 3, Nice - 7
TS3 Bio: Bella is probably the best dressed girl you'll ever see. She always looks adorable flitting around and talking to other kids, adults, and anyone who will listen. (And yet she only has 3 outgoing points? :P)
Traits: Lucky, Brave, Good

Bella - her name in Italian means "beauty" and it fits her better than her red leather corset. Descended from a long line of occultists, mystics and decadents, she has thrown convention to the wind. Her disdain for the pedestrian and normal is only matched by her sense of ennui and isolation. She distracts herself from this world with a little organ practice and exotic gardenings of the lethal variety. ~ The Sims Bustin' Out (Best. Biography. Ever.)

Here's the outfits for upload, meshes included. From what I can tell from their TOU's all the original creators allow their stuff to be shared, but if there's any issue let me know. I've cleaned up the original Bella dress and darkened the color a bit because the original looked too pink to me.

These are all bottom-only dresses and layerable jackets which I removed the shirts from. The jackets will look topless without a bottom-only dress underneath! remisims did something very similar here that I recommend checking out! If you want Bella to go jacket-less you can put the dresses over her original top, or use the "nude top" that remisims offers.

Bella's dresses
(on witheredlilies pencil skirt and Sentate's pocket skirt mesh.)

Frilly Jacket and Cardigan
(By Amaryll aka witheredlilies)

Lab Coat
(Actually Bloom's trenchcoat. There will be a line in the middle because of the mesh.)


Download towel, robe, and beach skirt.

Bella's mermaid gown with Pinketamine's edit of IamLiz's mermaid gown and textures by Rurouniidoru.

Download TF Bella Dress (separates)

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Download Bella Wedding Dress for AF & TF (NL required for adult dress)


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