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Greener & Greener: The Bachelor Residence


Here is the Bachelor House from TS3 that I recreated for TS2. It's called Greener & Greener, even though this and the original house are mostly brown and autumny. It's not an exact replica, as I have changed a few things either for logistical, aesthetic, or plot purposes.

This is a fully furnished 4x3 lot costing §60,962, with minimal CC. 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, greenhouse/garden/playground, and secret passage.

living room

The secret passage is located behind the right bookcase, but unfortunately the case is shadowed unless you put a window in the room behind it. So, kind of hard to keep secret either way!

Mike's room

Mike's room in the original was all matchy match pastels and overall looked like my grandma's guest room, so I tried to dress it down a bit.

Bella's room

As with the original, Bella has two rooms for some reason. Shouldn't be too hard to recognize them in comparison to the rest of the house. ;)

And the master bedroom. As you can see I've added a lot of closets.

One thing that bugged me about the original house was that the bathrooms are ridiculously huge and most of it was just empty space, so I have edited them considerably. The guest bathroom I left the same size, but divided it up all fancy. There's still some space where you could add a couch or vanity (or, knowing sims, host an impromptu smustle party).

bath 2

I split off the second floor bathroom into two so that Bella doesn't have to share with her parents.

Speaking of which, while those three had to share a bathroom in the original house, Mike had his own which was bigger than both of Bella's rooms combined. I decided to convert the space at the side of the stairs for him, and turn the bathroom into a "mancave" for Simis. (He is a journalist, so I think a private study makes sense.)

Here's the floorplan. You can compare it with the pictures on the wiki.


Here's the yard and secret passage, which I have left empty. This would normally be where Jocasta hides her cauldron, reagents, and magic clutter.


The first floor

Second floor

Third floor

Requires all EPs and SPs except Ikea. The only CC it comes with is Bella's bed (which is slaved to a Teenstyle one) and the stair cut-outs. It also requires the Life Stories Build Bundle for the outer wall.

Well, I think I've covered everything. This house was requested and tested by Doda Lani. Let me know if there's any problems. Hopefully you guys like it!


ETA: I kinda sorta forgot to put in phones except for the on Simis's desk. Clearly he's even more of a control freak than I thought! So you might want to consider adding one (and a burglar/fire alarm) if you want to play this house. Sorry!
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