skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Download a Foxy Lady

Hey guys just a few updates. Thank you so much to everyone who read my latest update, and I so so appreciate all your kind words. Sorry I haven't responded to all the comments, but I promise to get back to you all when I can!

The next few chapters are HUGE. But there's still some some buildup I couldn't fit in yet, so there will have to be two interludes between here and then. One of them will feature a deleted scene from this one, so there will actually be (gasp) text in the interlude. I will probably livestream some scene set ups for these.

And finally here is Titania's fox form (actually a cat sim) for download. Pets is required, obviously, and I used the unlocked colors for her, but I think they should still work? Otherwise here's how you can unlock them.



I also made my own post at the Big Trade-off for peoples who are interested.
Tags: !downloads, download: pets
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