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Occultists, decadents, and mystics for download!

Jocasta Bachelor doesn't have anybody on her side of the family tree, so a lot of people choose to give her magical roots! Here's my take on this mysterious family...

Persephone, Jocasta's mother and Bella and Mike's grandmother. To get her I mixed up Bella with Cassandra and Phoebe Adams (who has the same face template as Alexander, I believe). She actually doesn't have that many features in common with Bella besides the eyes, but she still retained an overall Bella-vibe.

Download Persephone

Uriel, Jocasta's father and Mike and Bella's grandfather. At first glance he looks like a blonde Mike clone, but he's not! I mixed in Cynthia Kim's genetics so that the features wouldn't be identical, but still maintain a striking family resemblance.

Download Uriel

Great Granny Cassandra. She looks a lot like her daughter but with Rainelle's eye shape. Yes, she was inspired by a certain Harry Potter character.

(The creator who said "do not share" about the eyebrows is no longer active in the community, nor are their downloads available, so I'm choosing not to follow this policy.)

Download Granny Cass

Here's what she looks like as an adult:

The Jocasta I'm using was made by simcerly, who you can find here!

I'm not sure how much of them you'll get to see in my story, but I picture them as nomadic and traveling with some other magical families.
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