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Fortune & Romance Index Page

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Feel free to recolor/shoeswap/frankenstein/convert my meshes and textures, include my meshes with recolors, and include my stuff with lots and sims. Just, please, no paysites and credit is always appreciated.

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Main Story

Chapter 1: Sisters
“Oh, come on, honey! Now’s the chance to make some friends outside me and your own hallucinations!”

Chapter 2: Boys
It was amazing how much friendlier boys were when they weren’t afraid you were going to impregnate them.

Interlude I
“I wasn’t expecting a long-term commitment. Were you?”

Chapter 3: Goths
“Oh my, what is that sound that draweth nearer by the second? Is it a violin? Or a banshee foreshadowing someone’s death?”

Chapter 4: Gold Digger
“Unless you're just planning to do him in. In which case, have fun."

Chapter 5: Secrets
“Would you like some cake?”

Chapter 6: Ignorance
I can make you disappear...

Chapter 7: Comfort
"Must be rough being in the supernatural closet."

Interlude II

Chapter 8: Vampires
Vampire-robot/alien-human coffin sex.

Chapter 9: Robots
He’d woken up to the sound of evil laughter, with a thousand questions that were never answered.

Chapter 10: Aliens
I would if it was Bella's octopus.

Chapter 11: Fate
“I see…golden…sparkles.”

Interlude III

Chapter 12: Part 1 - Truth
Acknowledging the issue would be acknowledging she was a threat, and Bella was not going to give her that modicum of power.

Interlude IV

Chapter 12: Part 2 - Apologies
But damned if Titania didn’t occasionally get the urge to turn someone into a frog.

Chapter 13: Pain
I love you anyway.

Interlude V

Chapter 14: Part 1 - Masks

Chapter 14: Part 2 - Confession
‘Yes, and your cold metal body. Make love to me, robotman!’

Interlude VI

Short 1: Smalltalk

Chapter 15: Part 1 - Implosion
“Good heavens. In our pure and sacred home?”

Interlude VII

Short 2: Flesh

Chapter 15: Part 2 - Regrets

Chapter 16: Explosion


Pomegranate Seeds - Bella/Mortimer flashback

First Time - Awe - Shy - Nina/Donald flashback

On One of their Birthdays - Dina/Mike fluff

Doing Something Ridiculous - Dina/Mike fluff

Seasonal Photoshoots

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Father's Day '11

Halloween '11

Christmas '11

Valentine '12

Halloween '12

Christmas '12

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Valentine '14

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