skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Like Hillary - Sentate's Pantsuits in CuriousB's colors

To all who downloaded Peggy 07960 before today, it was just pointed out to me that the younger age groups weren't working. The program I use to link the age groups doesn't like me anymore! I've now fixed them manually so please re-download! So sorry for the screwup.

To make up for it I have a another download...

title or description

simtopi kept confusing the word paintsuits for pantsuits and that gave me the idea to do some recolors of Sentate's wonderful vamp suits. These come in most of CuriousB's colors, with the exception of ones that were close to the originals and some of the darker ones. They are also enabled for elders because I think it's a good style for mature women and there isn't an elder conversion from what I've seen. So if you don't like skinny elders you'll have to re-categorize!

Tags: !downloads, downloads: clothing
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