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Who's Who in Chapter 2

I'm trying to only use Maxis-based characters in my story. So far I have made a couple exceptions for background extras, the first being the staring kids in Dina's high school flashback (who you may notice all have something in common) and the other being two extras at the party. Otherwise, I thought I'd point out recognizable faces in case you missed them.

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I think it's already been pointed out who "Donald" actually is.

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Florence Delarosa (aged down to teenager)

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Melissa & Chris Roomies (though I was lazy and just cast two Downtownies in their roles: the sparkly dress lady and the cowgirl)

And finally (in the back):

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Tina and Gina

They are the result of a breeding experiment between two characters who don't canonically have kids, just to see what their hypothetical kids would look like. You can probably guess their parentage.

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I threw them in there because I'm playing with a clean hood and needed some extras, though it now gives the chapter a strange back-to-the-future feel, having them present when their parents first met.

Also, the llama is actually Mortimer doing double-duty, since I had him on the lot, and the streaker is Kvornan Tricou (picked at random).

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