skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Good Genes Part 2 - Ginger Edition

ETA: I've now added Raquel and Robyn with CC if you want them.

Zhuhl + Titania = Ricky
Ricky + Alexandria = Reggie
Reggie + Nina =

Raquel's got Titania's nose and ears, Alexandria's lips and face shape, and Nina's eye shape and eyebrows. She is the only one who did not inherit Nina's Forehead of Doom.

Download Raquel (No CC)
Download Raquel with CC

Rupert's also rocking Titania's nose and ears along with Alex's eye shape and Nina's eye color, lips, cheekbones and jaw.

Download Rupert (No CC)

And finally Robyn, who I picked to be my second entry. She has Titania's nose and chin, Alex's lips and eye shape, and Nina's cheekbones.

Download Robyn (No CC)
Download Robyn with CC

Thank you, holleyb76 for helping me name them!
Tags: !downloads, downloads: sims, good genes
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