skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Good Genes Reveal/Download Mia and Nikki

And the mommies and daddies are...

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Download Mia

Cynthia Kim has caught my interest because the big lips on face 2 combo makes her look a lot like my Michael Bachelor, to the point where I may have to make her a relative, since neither Jocasta or Cynthia have much of a family tree.

I checked out what Viddy looked like as a girl before I bred him, with very low expectations. As it turns out, he bears a striking resemblance to Uma Thurman! (If she was really pissed off)


Smiley face

I've been head over heels for Sam ever since she got a condom box stuck to her head. I just love her eyes (that chin was kind of a gamble though.)

Download Nikki

No CC in either package because I'm lazy!
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