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Windows 7 Gadwin Issue

First off...sort of teaser/set picture?

Smiley face

Second...I've now upgraded to Windows 7 and am having screencapping problems.

First off let me say I do not want to have to put ANY effort into cropping and resizing my pics. I use Gadwin to take them because I can just set the program to automatically resize as I take the pictures and easily change this option whenever I want. However, now that I'm using Windows 7, Gadwin will not take pictures of the game in full-screen mode. Instead it screencaps the desktop underneath it. I can take them in windowed mode, but then I have to crop out the surrounding blue lines and task bar which I absolutely hate doing. I looked up this problem and was instructed to "disable desktop composition" for the compatibility tab on the game icon, but it did not work.

I would above all else love if there was anyway to fix Gadwin to take pictures of the game in full-screen. If this is absolutely impossible, I would like to find another screencapping program that can shoot in full-screen mode and re-size the pictures for me the very second that I take them. I hear Fraps does not do this, which is why I do not use it. I also would prefer if this were as easy as checking a box, and not involve some huge ten-step coding gymnastics. I know it's possible to do a batch file for GIMP to resize a bunch of pictures at once, but looking at what it entails make me want it to be my last resort. I'd much rather find a way to continue doing things the easy, simple way I've been doing.

Can anyone help me with this?
Tags: help, teaser
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