skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

3 More Maxis Match hair retextures

Download Newsea Nightbloom

And Peggy Fh110828 as well as Trapping's conversion for males. I would suggest using the male version on more "slender" meshes because it clips a little on big muscular pecs.

Simgaroop's colors and textures, binned, familied, yada yada.

Download for Females

Download for Males

ETA: I've removed the mesh from the Newsea Nightbloom upload because it probably has a paysite tracker in it and I don't want to be responsible for the person who uploaded it getting caught. I'll re-include it once the file is cleaned and put up on The Booty, but for now you'll have to get the mesh on your own.

ETA 2: The clean mesh is now included. Thank you booty!
Tags: !downloads, downloads: hair
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