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To those who've ressurrected the Tricou family

I'm trying to figure out the family dynamics of the Tricou family, but it seems like every time I resurrect them I get a different result. Part of it might be the differences between the original and cleaned up hoods, and the Resurrect-O-Nomitron making the ressurector Best Friends with everyone.

Dina running

The first time I played them a long time ago, Kiernen and Jennail hated each other while Nyllisit and Kvornan immediately started making out due to ACR. The wiki describes a similar thing to what I remember. I just resurrected them using the original hood and Nyllisit and Kvornan now have negative chemistry and Jennail vaguely dislikes Kiernen while he seems to have no problem with her? I would appreciate if anyone's who's resurrected this family and played with them could describe how everyone got along with each other in your game.

ETA: I'm looking at their relationships in Sim Pe and it's all oddly imbalanced with almost no mutual scores between two Sims. Almost everyone dislikes Kiernen, but he doesn't dislike any of them back! And Gvaudoin has a 0 or lower lifetime score with everyone except Fricorith.
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