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On Sim Memory

I'm just checking in to say I am working on Chapter 2, and hoping to get it posted within this next week. While the first chapter focused on Nina, this next one will be taking a look into Dina's head. There'll be some backstory on their "family history" and why Nina's aspiration level was so low in Chapter 1.

Also, angst. I wasn't trying to woobify them, I swear, but it's built right into their memories!

Why am I crying at my own Sims pictures?

Speaking of which, my initial inspiration for this story came from two of Dina's memories, both of which seem to be pretty large errors on Maxis's part. Dina's story will be a way of explaining those memories in a way that makes sense without being creepy. I don't feel too bad taking liberties because all the premades' memories contain inconsistencies (apparently Skip impregnated Brandi post-mortem?). I kind of think The Sims is all about screwing around with canon anyway, by the very nature of the game. I mean, the creators sure like to screw around with it.

One of those memories is an event that will occur in the next chapter. There are probably enough clues in what I've previously posted for you to guess what it is...
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