skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Contest Entries

The results of the Maxis Taste Makeover Contest are up. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated; I am flattered and humbled.


First off, I did not change the sex of the Sims; that would have been changing their faces and against the rules (they would have looked completely different.) It was just different hair, makeup, and clothes.


I used Pookleted hair because there was more variety of styles to pick from. Originally I was going to use a different eye-set, but I couldn't find a sclera that looked right with all the expressions I wanted them to pull. I wasn't really going for a "haha a dude in a dress/chick with a mustache" reaction; I just wanted them to look nice.


I removed the "enable facial hair for females" hack before taking off that mustache, so I now have an extra mustachioed Bella townie running around and no way of getting it off (which is fine by me, I think she rocks it.) How sexy is that suit, by the way? I'd been looking for a reason to use it.


I originally wasn't going to do two entries, but I came up with this one at the last second and could not let it go. It's just a take-off on the fact that TS2 Morty's original mustache is totally a (tvtropes link!) pornstache.

Tags: extras, maxis_taste
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