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Bits and Pieces

First of all I need to pimp an awesome new community: simstorylibrary, a new place to recommend and review Sims stories! As you can see, F&R has an entry up where can leave reviews if you'd like. Now, go post entries for your stories and ones that you want to recommend!


This is an edit of the mustache that sentate used for his story, trimmed down even moreso. It's only available in black, but if anyone wants to recolor and bin it, feel free to do so!

ETA: Simgaroop has binned and recolored the files for you guys! So much thanks to her!

Maxis Colors
Simgaroop's colors

Also, if anyone wants the tears makeup that I use, you can get it  over here.

And finally, I made a Langerak family tree for anyone who's confused on how things are set up in my story.

family tree

In TS2 Kaylynn has green eyes and is way younger than Mortimer. In TS3 she has dark eyes and is the same age as Mortimer. In F&R, they are two separate people. TS3 Kaylynn died shortly before Parker's baby was born, so he named her after his dead little sister. The TS2 maids actually have pictures of Brigit hidden in their character files, so that's how I was inspired to make her the mother.

Also, if you recall in Chapter 6 Nina thought she heard Servo say "okay" in his sleep? Well, now you can guess what he was really saying!
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