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This started out as an attempt to make a green version of these for Fortune & Romance, but I ended up tweaking them and adding more detail, and eventually just decided to make a whole set. I worked off of remisims 's defaults file so that I could use all of the supernatural life states in one package.


In the normal life state, servos will have green eyes and servettes will have blue eyes. The green is for plot related reasons, and the blue is just because that's the original default servo eye color.


Vampires have red eyes as usual, with the vampiras getting a black bow and red lipstick.


Witches and warlocks get stars on their cheeks and purple eyes with sparklies in them, with the witches getting purple lipstick.


Werewolves have yellow eyes with little moons in them, with the she-wolves getting a black bow with black lipstick. Were-servo transformations are very glitchy. Ideally, they should be normal during the day and take on the yellow eyes every night at 8, but sometimes they don't. If this happens it might help to change them into their formalwear. Also, in some cases, exiting the lot and going back into it will also make the yellow eyes show up.



Aug. 3rd, 2011 04:20 pm (UTC)
These are GREAT. I already had SaraMK's default, but these improve on hers so much. The green eyes are especially striking. Thanks so much.

Now I just need to play with some servos...