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I'm going to post here what I posted on SimSecret:

I can't speak for anyone else, but please don't be offended on my behalf. The issue was taken up privately with the people who were closest to "Bubbles" long before she posted her public confession. If you're wondering why there's not more tears for this shocking revelation, it's because the people who were most hurt by this have already had their resolution with her in some way or another. Don't take this as me defending her actions or asking you not to condemn them; I was the one who caught her in the first place and confronted her about it. It would just be appreciated if the people who were never really involved didn't act like they were.

And an addendum:

I wanted to deal with this quietly because I knew people would be jumping on the hatetrain for reasons that had nothing to do with the actual pain that's come out of this. If you haven't heard about this from me or someone else before the public confession was posted, then you don't know all the details or how the people who were most emotionally invested feel. You haven't talked to "Bubbles" and "Derric" and "Connor" almost every day in real-time for the past month and heard the full extent of those lies. You don't know how she was caught or what has been shown and discussed in private. You don't know how those ten or so people who were told first reacted or even who those people are. Even if I'm dead wrong in the way I went about this or the conclusions that I've drawn, I still know more about this than you, and chances are if it wasn't for me.... you wouldn't know anything.

Speak for yourself, how you felt about being lied to, but don't speak for me.
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