skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Bubbles Update

We have an update on how Bubbles is doing from her friend Connor:

Me, I'm a close friend of her and Derric. Derric asked me to tell their fellow simmer friends last night. (I'm currently pet sitting, Bubbles didn't think the hospital would like it if she brought her turtle. -.- )

She and little Anna are gonna be okay, she had a moderate placental abrubtion, but they think she'll be able to go full term. Either way, Anna would be fine if she was born now, she's 29 weeks, almost 30.

I'll tell them that they are in your guys' thoughts/prayers.

Big thanks to Connor for keeping us informed!

UPDATE: They've got some results in, and if there's any more tearing they're going to deliver the baby.
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