skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Maxis Meme

Created by tomwood1906.

01. Favourite pre-made.
Dina and Nina Caliente, of course! I do think they were intended to be shady by the game designers, but that doesn't mean I have to play them that way!

02. Pre-made you dislike.
I have trouble disliking any of them. I'm not a hateful person!

03. Favourite non-playable.
The Twikki Island Witch Doctor. If I could marry him to my self-sim, I would.

04. Favourite unpopular or neglected pre-made.
The freakin' Tricou family! Why hasn't EVERYONE written about them?

05. Favourite pre-made family/household.

06. Pre-made sim or household you can't get interested in.
The Grunts. It's hard for me to get into a household with no female characters around.

07. Favourite and/or least favourite neighbourhood.
Pleasantview/Strangetown are tied for my favorite. I could never really get into Desiderata Valley.

08. Most intriguing pre-made sim or sim mystery.
It's a tie between Olive Specter and the House of Fallen Trees.

09. Unpopular opinion about a pre-made.
Dina is nicer than Mortimer, Cassandra, Pascal, PT9, and just as nice as Brandi Broke. Nina is extremely shy, neat and serious. In fact, she's just as shy as Cassandra, neater, and much more serious.

...Oh wait. Those are canon according to their personality points. HMMMM...

Also, my version of Nina is not somebody who would be okay with being someone's dirty little secret, so I believe the Don/Nina makeout involved some deception on Don's part.

10. Favourite fanon.
I love Strange Tomato's take on Ripp/Ophelia/Johnny, Frances/Beau, and Lucy/Tank.

11. Popular fanon you disagree with.
Angela is not the mean girl who picked on you in high school and Lilith is not the Speshulest Snowflake.

12. Favourite own head-canon that isn't backed up by canon.
Mary-Sue and Gvaudoin were BFF's before the latter got sent to an early grave. Oh, and Malcolm Landgraab is the Simlish version of Bruce Wayne!

You see, when I first saw this picture I thought his grandpa was his butler...

13. Favourite canon/canonish pairing.
DINA/MICHAEL! I also like Bella/Mortimer and Jenny/PT9.

14. Favourite crack pairing.
simcerly has got me hooked on Alexangela (Alexandra/Angela), and I also dig Tara Kat/Malcolm Landgraab.

15. Most outrageous romance sim, aka who's nailed the most sims in your game.
Jon Smith Tricou, though technically he's only a romance secondary. ;) But that is one way to get a big family!

16. Pre-made you see as gay, bi, asexual, etc.
I haven't made anyone asexual yet, but I haven't played everyone in my Uberhood yet. Alexander and Fricorith are gay. Alexandra, Angela, and Lilith are bisexual.

17. Favourite non-romantic relationship.
Dina and Nina, definitely. They have an unbreakable bond in my opinion and nothing could ever come between them.

18. Pre-made who's most like you.
Cassandra Goth for her shyness/playfulness, Tara Kat for her geeky cat-ladyness.

19. Premade whose look you like (not necessarily who you think is beautiful).
Nervous Subject, Chastity Gere, all of the Tricou women, Tara Kat, Alexandra, Titania, Olive Specter

20. Hottest pre-made.
Jennicor Tricou

Tags: extras, meme
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