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Hogwarts Character Meme

Pick five characters and answer the following Hogwarts related questions about them. Do not reveal the character's names and have your friends guess who they are.

What Hogwarts house would each character be in?

1. Slytherin
2. I could seriously make a case for every house, but I'm going to go with Ravenclaw because that's my house too!
3. Hufflepuff
4. Hufflepuff (though technically speaking this person could not feasibly go to Hogwarts.)
5. Gryffindor

What would their boggart turn into?

1. A burglar. An alien burglar. (Repoman might work too.)
2. The tragic clown
3. The social bunny
4. Brigit with a bucket of water.
5. Mrs. Crumplebottom

What would they see in the Mirror of Erised?

1. Herself as a princess.
2. Um, maybe herself as...Venus?
3. His true purpose in life.
4. Himself as a human man. :_(
5. Himself as a Sheik in the cheesiest harem ever with hundreds of beautiful women and Nina as his queen.

Who would the mermaids take from them?

1. Nina
2. Dina
3. the moment, probably his niece. That would upset him the most.
4. Again, Nina
5. Nina (She would be very missed!)

What would Amortentia smell like to them?

1. Chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, and "magic."
2. Rice pudding, laundry detergent, and chlorine.
3. Freshly baked cookies, mowed grass, and citrus.
4. Rain, soap, and...sweat. O_o
5. Spices, nectar, and perfume.

What position would they play on the Quidditch team?

1. This girl should not be on a broom, but she would be very supportive of the players!
2. Chaser
3. Keeper
4. I can't see him playing either.
5. Beater

What would their polyjuice potion look and taste like?

1. Lemonade (sweet and tart)
2. Hot sauce (spicy)
3. Chocolate milk (sweet and nourishing)
4. Diet Pepsi (sweet and artificial)
5. Gravy (lol)

What is their animagus form?

1. Raccoon (she loves shiny things.)
2. Praying mantis (unsuspectingly badass)
3. Sheltie (mainly saying this because I have a Sheltie which happens to have the same name as this character. Not on purpose, it's an extremely common name! ;P)
4. Robotic dog (if you haven't figured out who this is by now, you might need to work on your critical thinking skills)
5. Wolf (woof, baby)

What is their patronus?

1. Flying saucer
2. Scorpion
3. Cat
4. Unicorn
5. Scorpion

I don't think there should be any trouble guessing these characters. I'm not gonna tag; you can do this meme yourselves if you want.

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