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Sim Meme

Taken from simsinthecity.

Q: How long does your game take to load?
A: About 5-10 minutes.

Q: When making a Sim, what do you prefer: adult male, adult female, teen male, teen female?
A: I play a lot of teen females (maybe I'm trying to relive my high school years?) But I tend to gravitate towards female characters in general, because I really don't like the Smurfette Principle.

Q: How long does your Body Shop take to open?
A: A minute or so.

Q: Do you make more Sims in CAS or in Body Shop?
A: Definitely bodyshop, so I have a copy saved.

Q: What's your favorite hair color to put on your Sims?
A: I don't prefer one over the other, I like as much variety as possible, but I usually do have more brunette/raven hair because it makes more genetic sense.

Q: How many babies have your Sims ever had from one set of parents?
A: Back when I first played Nervous Subject he ended up having six.

Q: How often do you experience a glitch?
A: Not very often.

Q: Do you make your Sims straight/gay/bi/lesbian very often?
A: I prefer diversity, but since my story is a prequel and most Maxis premades are canonically destined to be in relationships with the opposite sex, it's been harder to do in the story. I considered making Nina bisexual, but decided that would play too much into the "everything that moves" stereotype. So, most of the LGB stuff has been in the background for now (Melissa/Chris, Fricorith/HBD)

Q: Does your neighborhood have a theme?
A: Maxis match!

Q: How many downloads do you have in your game?
A: 899 MB

Q: Who is your favorite Body Shop CC creator (meaning skins, eyes, hair, makeup, etc.)?
A: Hair: Simgaroop, Clothes: Sentate and Amaryll, Makeup: Bruno

Q: Who is your favorite CC creator for build and buy?
A: Clutter-a-holic

Q: How often do you play?
A: Not every day, but definitely every two or three.

Q: Do you watch Sims machinima?
A: I used to, but lately I've been more into written stories.

Q: Do you read stories/comics made with the Sims?
A: Of course!

Q: What expansion packs do you have?
A: All the EP's and every SP except Ikea.

Q: What are you views on building and decorating?
A: I like to use the scenery and clutter to contribute to storytelling and showcase character's personalities.

Q: What is some body shop CC that you tend to over use?
A: Jesstheex's eyeliners

Q: How often do you need to use “Familyfunds”?
A: I don't, I just use motherlode.

Q: Do you like doll Sims?
A: I prefer Maxis Match.

Q: Have you ever killed your Sim(s) for the fun of it?
A: ...yes.

Q: How old are you? When did you start playing?
A: I'm 22 and I started playing TS1 when I was 12. Wow.

Q: Do you ever base a Sims family after your own home life?
A: I have, but not lately. I really prefer working with the premades right now.

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