skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

The Ultimate Michael Bachelor

Bella Goth's brother, a Maxis character who appears in all three Sims games, but is practically a different person in each one. In TS1, he's a young guy just out of college with black hair and olive skin. 25 years before that, in TS3, he's a teenager with light skin and brown hair (Thus retconning TS1 Michael to being almost forty) In TS2 they slapped his name on a face 2 template. I decided to combine all three of them and create the Ultimate Michael Bachelor.

sloppy/neat: 2
shy/outgoing: 8
lazy/active: 2
serious/playful: 6
grouchy/nice: 7

Zodiac: Libra
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn-ons: Blonde hair / Charisma

In TS1, Michael is a Libra, in TS2 he's an Aries and Leo. I just went with the original.


Tags: !downloads, downloads: sims
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