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Fortune & Romance Character Stats (liable to change, SPOILERS)

[Dina Caliente]

Dina Caliente

It is often said that Dina has a mind of her own, but she is quick to disagree. She likes chocolate and dreams of making it big.

Aspiration: Fortune/Family

Zodiac: Sagittarius (Scorpio/Sagittarius cuspian)

Life State: human/alien

Occupation: salesperson/cosmetologist

Neat - 2, Outgoing - 8, Active - 1, Playful - 8, Nice - 6

Charismatic, Schmoozer, Flirty, Good Sense of Humor, Born Salesperson

Turn-ons: black hair, witchiness/Turn-off: unemployment

Hobby: Shopping

Food: chocolate Color: gold Music: showtunes

Personality Type: ENFP (Champion)

[Nina Caliente]

Nina Caliente

Deeply connected to her Mediterranean roots, Nina likes exercise and bread pudding.

Aspiration: Romance/Knowledge

Zodiac: Scorpio (Scorpio/Sagittarius cuspian)

Life State: human/alien

Occupation: massage therapist

Neat - 8, Outgoing - 2, Active - 9, Playful - 2, Nice - 4

hot-headed, flirty, dislikes kids, brave, dramatic

Turn-ons: good cook, logic/Turn-off: cologne

Hobby: fitness

Food: rice pudding  Color: woohoo purple

Personality Type: INFJ (Counselor)

[Michael Bachelor]

Michael Bachelor

Michael is just out of college and he doesn't know what to do with his life. Can you help Michael succeed?

Aspiration: Popularity/Pleasure

Zodiac: Libra

Life State: wizard (infallibly good)

Occupation: high school teacher

Neat - 2, Outgoing - 8, Active - 2, Playful - 6, Nice - 7

good sense of humor, schmoozer, athletic, friendly, good

Turn-ons: charisma, blonde hair/Turn-off: good cleaner

Food: toaster pastry Color: mint green  Music: pop

Personality Type: ENFJ (Teacher)


Gardening? Check. Cooking? Check. Periodic bursts of wanton destruction? Indeed, check. This friendly humanoid robot is truly but one step from humanity. The Servo Model has a gender-assignable artificial intelligence unit that simulates all the desires of a real human: friendship, success... even love. Just make sure you keep the Servo Model in a good mood, else you'll be the one cleaning up all the ash piles while your new friend lies sparking in the corner.

Aspiration: Pleasure/Family

Zodiac: Pisces

Life State: robot/vampire

Occupation: chauffeur/butler/maid

Neat - 8, Outgoing - 0, Active - 7, Playful - 2, Nice - 8

shy, unlucky, neat, neurotic, easily impressed

Turn-ons: good cleaner, fitness/Turn-off: robots

Hobby: fitness

Personality Type: ISFJ (Protector)

[Donald "Don" Lothario]

Donald "Don" Lothario

So many ladies, so little time. When Don isn't thinking about dating, he's sleeping.

Aspiration: Romance/Knowledge

Zodiac: Leo

Life State: human

Occupation: EMT/pre-med student

Neat - 1, Outgoing - 7, Active - 8, Playful - 5, Nice - 4

flirty, hot-headed, commitment Issues, slob, brave

Turn-ons: underwear, good cleaner/Turn-off: facial hair

Hobby: fitness  Color: orange-red

Personality Type: ESFP (Perfomer)

[Bella Goth (ne Bachelor)]

Bella Goth (ne Bachelor)

Elegant and athletic are two qualities that describe Bella. She enjoys a variety of activities from golf to miniature golf.

Aspiration: Romance/Family

Zodiac: Cancer

Life State: witch (neutral)

Occupation: apothecary/healer/activist

Neat - 7, Outgoing - 3, Active - 5, Playful - 3, Nice - 7

lucky, good, brave, rebellious, green thumb

Turn-ons: facial hair, logical/Turn-off: zombies

Hobby: nature

Color: red

Personality Type: INTP (Architect)

[Cassandra Goth]

Cassandra Goth

Cassandra is the quiet, mysterious type. Nobody ever knows quite what she's thinking

Aspiration: Family/Knowledge

Zodiac: Cancer/Virgo

Life State: witch

Neat - 7, Outgoing - 2, Active - 5, Playful - 7, Nice - 4

brooding, bookworm, genius, loner

Personality Type: INTJ (Mastermind)

[Mortimer Goth]

Mortimer Goth

Cheerful and outgoing, Mortimer brings his old country upbringing into the modern age. He has an unusual fondness for insects.

Aspiration: Knowledge/Family

Zodiac: Cancer/Taurus

Life State: human

Occupation: scientist/inventor

Neat - 4, Outgoing - 6, Active - 4, Playful - 7, Nice - 4

ambitious, eccentric, genius, excitable, computer whiz

Turn-ons: witchcraft, creativity/Turn-off: stink

Hobby: science

Personality Type: ENTP (Inventor)

[Jon Smith Tricou]

Jon Smith Tricou

Jon Smith lived a full and *ahem* "fruitful" life, but will his life choices come to haunt him in his eternal sleep?

Aspiration: Family/Romance

Zodiac: Aquarius

Life State: human (ghost)

Occupation: artist

Neat - 2, Outgoing - 5, Active - 5, Playful - 6, Nice - 7

irresistible, artistic, absent-minded, great kisser, flirty

Turn-ons: underwear, face paint/Turn-off: cologne

Hobby: art

Personality Type: ESFP (Perfomer)

[Jennicor Tricou]

Jennicor Tricou

Jennicor is mysterious and alluring, but be familiar with the Little Red Ridinghood story before climbing into bed with this granny.

Aspiration: Pleasure/Romance

Zodiac: Aquarius

Life State: fairy

Occupation: musician

Neat - 2, Outgoing - 5, Active - 5, Playful - 7, Nice - 6

flirty, virtuoso, party animal, irresistible, brave

Turn-ons: vampirism, face paint/Turn-off: hats

Hobby: music  Music: classical

Personality Type: ESTP (Promoter)

[Kiernan & Kvornan Tricou]

Kiernan Tricou

Aspiration: Romance/Knowledge

Zodiac: Aquarius

Life State: vampire

Occupation: scientist

night owl, flirty, inappropriate, great kisser, party animal

Neatness - 3 Outgoing - 5 Active - 5 Playful - 6 Nice - 6

Kvornan Tricou

Aspiration: Pleasure/Knowledge

Zodiac: Cancer

Life State: vampire

Occupation: scientist

party animal, insane, inappropriate, night owl, mooch

Neatness - 5 Outgoing - 5 Active - 5 Playful - 5 Nice - 5

[Olive Specter (formerly Mortis, Thanasia, ne Muenda)]

Olive Specter (formerly Mortis, Thanasia, ne Muenda)

Olive will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She spends her time collecting mushrooms, sharpening sticks, and excavating her yard.

Aspiration: Knowledge/Family

Zodiac: Scorpio

Life State: witch (mean)

Occupation: professional party-guest/medium

Neat - 10, Outgoing - 5, Active - 5, Playful - 3, Nice - 2

neat, schmoozer, brave, grumpy, hopeless romantic

Turn-ons: hard worker, hats Turn-off: zombies

Personality Type: INTJ (Mastermind)

[DJ & Ichabod Specter]

DJ "Junior" Specter (a.k.a Nervous Subject)

Aspiration: Family

Zodiac: Aquarius

Life State: ???

Neat - 10, Outgoing - 1, Active - 10, Playful - 2, Nice - 2

family oriented, excitable

Hobby: twitching and blinking a lot

Ichabod Specter

Ichabod always wanted to be a father, but will he be able to find a balance between work and family? And, more importantly, keep them from colliding?

Aspiration: Family/Pleasure

Zodiac: Taurus

Life State: human (technically)

Occupation: spiritual guidance

friendly, good sense of humor, family-oriented, workaholic, charismatic

Neat - 4, Outgoing - 5, Active - 2, Playful - 8, Nice - 6

Personality Type: ESFJ (Provider)

[Kaylynn Langerak I & II]

Kaylynn Langerak I

Kaylynn - unlike her father, brother, and aunt - tries to keep a spotless house. She enjoys painting when she gets a break from cleaning up after everyone.

Aspiration: Power/Knowledge

Zodiac: Scorpio

Life State: human

Occupation: Inventor

Neat - 10, Outgoing - 5, Active - 6, Playful - 2, Nice - 2

neat, perfectionist, handy, genius, snob

Turn-ons: good cleaner, hard worker/Turn-off: stink

Hobby: tinkering Color: white

Personality Type: INTJ (Mastermind)

Kaylynn Langerak II

Little Kaylynn is the shyest and sweetest girl you’ll ever see, so why is she always getting into trouble?

Aspiration: Grow Up (-->Family/Romance)

Zodiac: Aquarius

Life State: human

Neat - 6, Outgoing - 1, Active - 7, Playful - 4, Nice - 7

shy, unlucky, easily impressed

Color: white

Personality Type: ISFJ (Protector)



Aspiration: Power/Knowledge

Zodiac: Scorpio

Life State: robot

Occupation: Inventor

Neat - 10, Outgoing - 5, Active - 6, Playful - 2, Nice - 2

neat, perfectionist, handy, genius, snob

Turn-ons: good cleaner, hard worker/Turn-off: stink

Hobby: tinkering Color: white

Personality Type: INTJ (Mastermind)

[Parker Langerak]

Parker Langerak

Parker is a sloppy, laid-back schmoozer who is only interested in getting attention from girls when he sweet-talks them.


Aspiration: Romance/Family

Life State: human

Neat - 1, Outgoing - 8, Active - 1, Playful - 8, Nice - 7

flirty, slob, great kisser, schmoozer, family-oriented

Turn-ons: athletic, fit/Turn-off: charisma

Personality Type: ESFP (Perfomer)

[Rainelle Neengia]

Rainelle Neengia

This beautiful and talented witch would be destined for greatness, if she wasn’t so easily manipulated.

Aspiration: Popularity/Grilled Cheese

Zodiac: Virgo

Life State: witch (mean)

Occupation: bartender/deli worker

Neat - 10, Outgoing - 5, Active - 4, Playful - 3, Nice - 3

hopeless romantic, neat, easily impressed, over-emotional, animal lover

Turn-ons: fitness, blond hair/Turn-off: fatness

Hobby: cuisine  Food: grilled cheese  Color: yellow-orange

[Ocean Big/Gwrtheym McGork Jr.]

Ocean Big/Gwrtheym McGork Jr.

Aspiration: Fortune/Family

Zodiac: Pisces

Life State: human

Occupation: professional party-guest

Neat - 5, Outgoing - 10, Active - 5, Playful - 5, Nice - 0

inappropriate, childish, lucky, snob, diva

Turn-ons: cologne, formalwear/Turn-off: facial hair

[Circe Salamis]

Circe Salamis

Circe knows 238 different ways to make someone scream, and none of them are nice. She enjoys taxidermy and collecting coat hangers.

Aspiration: Fortune/Power

Zodiac: Capricorn

Life State: human

evil, mean-spirited, handy, ambitious

Color: pink

Neat - 10 Outgoing - 5 Active - 10 Playful - 0 Nice - 0

[Titania Summerdream]

Titania Summerdream

Titania is one foxy fortune teller.

Aspiration: Family/Fortune

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Life State: fairy

Occupation: matchmaker/fairy godmother

nurturing, commitment issues, schmoozer, family oriented, perceptive

Neat - 3, Outgoing - 6, Active - 2, Playful - 7, Nice - 7

Hobby: games Color: powder blue

Personality Type: ENTP (Inventor)

[Oberon Gossamer]

Oberon Gossamer

Aspiration: Knowledge/Family

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Life State: fairy

Neat - 4, Outgoing - 7, Active - 1, Playful - 6, Nice - 7

Hobby: tinkering Color: red

[Elden Hick]

Elden Hick

Elden is a hard worker and a mean pinball player. Not many people know he has a fondness for classical music.

Aspiration: Grilled Cheese/Knowledge

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Life State: human

Occupation: Security Guard/Mechanic

slob, vehicle enthusiast, frugal, supernatural skeptic, dog person

Neat - 0, Outgoing - 5, Active - 7, Playful - 8, Nice - 5

Turn-ons: good cook, hard worker/Turn-off: facial hair

Hobby: tinkering Color: blue Music: classical!

Personality Type: ISTP (Crafter)

Notes: I've included both signs for characters whose Zodiac changed from game to game, though Mortimer and Cassandra's personality points at least stayed the same. I've chosen to keep Mike's TS1 personality point and sign because they're very compatible with Dina's. (Dina is a Sagittarius with the personality of a Libra. Who knows how or why that happened.)

I'm not going to try and fit the sims with the skills they have in TS2, because in my opinion the premades got screwed on that. It's not fair that most adult premades only have a couple points when you can start building them up from toddlerhood. They'd have to have sat around doing nothing for pretty much their entire lives (and most of them don't even have memories of gaining the points they have.)

I also don't put much stock in the predestined hobby system, since it seems very arbitrary and restrictive, and most of the time it conflicts with their established characters and LTWs.
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