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Sims and a Maxis Match Eye Overlay


So, of course, canonically Michael and Dina never had kids, but I still wanted to breed them to see what what would happen. The results? Female fraternal twins from an alternate universe! So obviously, I had to continue the Caliente naming tradition.


This is Tina, she's got Mike's eyes, nose, and (painted on) dimples, and Dina's hair color, mouth, and chin. Also, his not-quite perfect teeth.


No, that's not an alien Jessica Alba, that's Gina (though I'm not the only one who sees a resemblance, right?) She's special because she got some recessive alien genes, mainly so that I could demonstrate the special "contact lenses" that I made for her grandpa in the previous post. You find it under "face paint" and put it over the alien eyes to make them look almost normal. You can put this over any eyes, but the iris cut out is slightly larger so it will look a little odd on non-aliens.

Sentate's clothes are not included, but you can get them here. I've packaged them in base game clothes and hair so you can dress them up however you want. Some makeup is included though, as you can see in the credits above. Gina has S3 skin, like Dina, so she will get whatever default you have, while Tina's skin is included because she got Michael's tannish in-between S2 and S3 skin, so you will have to change it yourself if you're not using Leh's skins and want her to match. You should probably use clean installer if you don't have all the EP's, even though the content is all base game compatible.


Gina Caliente-Bachelor (sclera mask included)

Tina Caliente-Bachelor

Just the sclera mask

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