skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

Papa Caliente

Hello! Checking in to tell you that I'm shooting for a Tuesday release of Chapter 4. Definitely sometime this week at least!

In other news, let's talk about Dina's daddy. In the Caliente family tree Flamenco doesn't appear to have any alien traits (besides the head shape) which is kind of...disappointing. I really liked Strange Tomato's idea that he wears those sunglasses to cover up his alien eyes, and I was tempted to include that in my story too. Then I decided on a kind of hybrid idea, where they're just slightly off.

First is the normal human eyes, second is alien, third is the combination. I may make that iris a little bigger even.

A long time ago I downloaded a pack of all the dead Sims, though I'm not sure if they were actually made from the character files or just somebody's take on the pictures. It's since been taken down, but I do recall Flamenco was just a gender-flipped Dina (without the girly eyebrows) so that's what I've made him. I do like the idea that Dina looks a lot like their dad, while Nina takes after their fully human mom. That would be one reason why she's so much more insecure than her sister.
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