skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote,

PATF Sims!

First off: Tianaveen, awww...

Of course, I had to make him too.

No, not Cousin Randy! Who's going to write the music now?

More gratuitous schmaltz.

Awww poor Charlotte.

The newlyweds are friskier than jackrabbits in June.

I have no idea what's going on here, this was of their own free will.

Okay, this wasn't my fault! It's not my fault that she's a Pisces and he's a Scorpio and she likes guys in formalwear who know how to accessorize! And he's the only single guy in the house! Maybe she found out he's a royal on his mother's side, I don't know!

Wouldn't be the Sims 2 without a random pillow fight.

I'm just gonna give these two some privacy now.
Tags: disney
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